20 minutes of spirituality

When every hour of your time is expensive and the schedule is tough, every minute counts. We appreciate your time and respect your business, hence, the project “20 Minutes of Spirituality” was created especially for you.


The project “20 Minutes of Spirituality” is a unique offer for the participants of SOLOMON.help, designed specifically for business people who likewise seek to maintain spirituality.

This project is for those who are loyal to a commitment to preserve and develop own understanding of soul, meaning of life, family values, personal growth and Jewish self-awareness. The principle is simple. You do not need to go anywhere or adjust to someone's timetable; our Rabbi will come to your office directly. It does not take your time and does not last more than 20 minutes, for which you can ask any questions, listen to a short lecture, discuss a subject of your interest, and learn about history of Jewish people, religion and tradition.

We promise a time filled with energy, positive and useful knowledge. In 20 minutes, you can simply drink coffee, while finding out why the Jewish people are called the chosen ones.