The Jewish home starts with the door. It sounds unusual, but a small parchment scroll in a stylish case, attached to the door, while likewise invisible to those who do not know about it but symbolic for those who are familiar with it. The keeper and protector of the house, Mezuzah is small, but an important thing that will envelop those living in the house, fill it with positive energy and good.


Place Mezuzah on the doorpost as described in Torah. The command tells us about the importance of Mezuzah for turning the home into a small Temple under protection of the Creator. The defense that is likewise spreading to all those inside the house. It is stated in the Book of Psalms: “The Lord will keep you when you set out and when you return from now on and forever!”

Our Rabbi will come to your home or office in order to fulfill this command. Write to us and after several days your home will become cozier and fuller. We will work for each one, who is interested in the proposal, and who wants to join our club and receive an immediate and important symbol of the Jewish tradition.