How should you spend your day off? Everyone will answer this question in different ways, but things that in common for everyone are rest and reset. You can go for a weekend to a countryside, karaoke, and restaurant or just walk with children in the park. All this is great, but you could likewise travel for several hours to another world, where there is no time and space. A world filled with mysteries, wisdom and wonders of good. The world that has remained unchanged for thousands of years and its name is Shabbat.


There is only one meeting in the world, which can be planned for a hundred years ahead and will still take place at the exact time and day. This is Shabbat. Joint prayer in festive clothes, candlelight, consecration of a rest with a glass of wine and nourishing meals, during which one does not talk about everyday life, business and problems. This time is a true gift for those living in a megalopolis and, hence, supplies a necessary pause for everyone.

Our Shabbat, which usually takes place in Moscow Jewish Community Center or the cultural religious center named “Zhukovka”, is always hosted by Rabbi Berl Lazar or Alexander Boroda, They are the people who speak the language of the Holy books, bear light and warmth to everyone at their house on a Friday night.