Training for personal growth, yoga, meditation and morning jogging are the great choices to get thoughts together and gain a living success today. In addition to the list, we are offering another one, a Jewish “alternative” – called Tefillin.


Tefillin consists of rectangular leather boxes attached to the strap, with scrolls of parchment inside. It is only worn by men. Execution of this command has a deep spiritual meaning, which is based on a Jewish philosophy and teaches about importance of right decisions, while relying on both mind and heart. Tefillin is simultaneously placed on a forehead and left arm and helps to balance emotions and intellect for inner peace and harmony. The combination creates a special moment of contact with the Creator, when it is possible to ask for execution of desires, recovery, and thank for the gains in life.

There is a certain order of imposing Tefillin, which may seem complicated. Therefore, our Rabbi could come to your home or office and show, explain and answer all questions related to this ritual. After one meeting, you can independently impose Tefillin and start your day with such a simple but important commandment.