Jewish business club

Assistance to the most vulnerable groups of the population: the elderly, the disabled and orphans

We help

"The giver to the poor will not lack»

. King Solomon, Proverbs 28, 27

Helping those in need is one of the pillars that Jewish communities have relied on for centuries. We honor the traditions of our ancestors, and we are members of the SOLOMON is happy to contribute to the common cause by helping those who need support.

Donations from members of the club allow us to support a number of socially significant programs aimed at helping children, the elderly, the disabled, and low-income families.

At the moment, the Club oversees infrastructure projects:
  • Jewish children's home,
  • Charity canteen for single elderly people,
  • Mesivta boarding school,
  • Projects of counteraction to anti-Semitism,
  • Projects to help prisoners and victims of the Holocaust,
  • Jewish Museum and tolerance center

We also carry out urgent fundraising for private cases. We are talking about paying for necessary operations, purchasing medicines or special equipment for the disabled, and helping poor families who find themselves in a difficult life situation. The last urgent collection was aimed at supporting Moscow hospitals in the fight against coronavirus.

SOLOMON events and helps to draw attention to the problems of vulnerable segments of the population and unite the Club members in a strong community of caring people who fulfill an important social mission.

Our work in numbers

more than



more than


thousand wards

more than


million rubles
collected in 2019